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? ? ?Yuyao Dalong air compressor fittings Co., Ltd. is the China General Machinery Industry Association compressor branch of the governing unit, China National Petroleum Corporation level supply network unit, Zhejiang Province machinery hall fixed-point production compressor accessories business, Ningbo City of key enterprises. The company was founded in 1968...

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Function of air flow compressor fittings

Firstly, the function of air compressor parts in the main air compressor in the air flow is briefly described:

One, oil and gas barrels: oil and gas oil and gas separation and storage of two kinds of functions...


Our country air compressor industry to the direction...
In recent years, with the increasing investment in infrastructure, China's air compressor industry to actively improve the development structure, followed by the development trend of the manufacturing industry, in a higher level of development to the small, environmentally friendly direction forward...


Air compressor parts are those? And specific functional role?

Air compressor parts is more general a word, air compressor according to the working principle of the piston type air compressor and screw type air compressor, piston type air compressor parts are some of the main parts, piston type air compressor spare parts, for example...

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Yuyao Dalong air compressor fittings Co. Ltd.

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